PROPERTY INVESTORS  ...Find out who you are renting too.

Are you a property investor and looking to rent your property investment?. We know that a landlords greatest fear is a bad tenant. Irrelevant of how many rental units you may have, nothing else puts your rental business at risk like making the wrong tenant decision. The screening process goes beyond what you've come to expect from other services like credit and rent checks, and utilizes new technologies that solve some of the rental industries oldest problems. Naborly goes beyond the basics and uses Artificial Intelligence to gather data and analyze not only the potential tenant, but the rental property, and the market in order to determine if there is a suitable fit and what risks a landlord may be exposed to.  With Naborly you can now can accurately predict the risk of eviction, late rent payments, property damage, credit check, criminal record check and more. 

BASIC  (Screening + Credit) $30
  • Credit Report & Score
  • Identity Verification
  • Employment & Income Verification
  • Bankruptcy & Lien Search
  • Eviction Check & Analysis
  • Bad Tenant Database Search (Global)
  • Previous Address Verification
  • Legal & Court Record Search
  • Employment Stability Analysis
  • Social Media & External Media Check
  • Pet Liability Analysis
  • Property Suitability Analysis

PRO (Screening + Credit + Criminal) $50
  • Includes Basic Screening PLUS
  • Federal Level Criminal Search
  • State Level Criminal Search
  • County Level Criminal Search*
  • Municipal Criminal Search
  • Driving Records (US Only)
  • Sex Offenders Registry Check
  • FBI Most Wanted Search
  • INTERPOL Database Search
  • Terrorist Watchlist Check
  • Public Court Record Check
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