Ryan is a licensed Real Estate Sales Representative with Right At Home Realty,  Burlington office and Melissa is certified in Home Staging and Marketing. Ryan and Melissa both originating from Burlington along with their two sons, have called Waterdown home for the last nine years. Ryan and Melissa’s professional, fun and personable approach along with their creative strategies have contributed to their success in business and in real estate. Ryan and Melissa have over twenty years’ experience combined in sales, negotiations, business ownership, marketing, buying, selling, renovating and property investment. 

With MWR they want to keep the experience personal, you deal with them directly. Ryan and Melissa always put their best interest of their clients first and they only take on a certain number of clients to ensure their clients are receiving the best possible service and the personal attention that they deserve. This business motto has resulted in regular referrals and long-term business relationships. They would love nothing more than to prove how valuable of a team they can be in helping you and your family reach their real estate goals and help you find your perfect match!


Married for 9 years and counting...They grew up less than 1 km away from each other but did not get together until 2007. Here is a little insight of their Real Estate journey as a couple to get them where they are today! ....Ryan graduated from Business Marketing and from there moved onto a successful career in sales at a local company where he has hung his hat for the past 15 years.  Melissa graduated from Legal Business Administration. After having her first child she decided to open her own company (Pretty in Pink Mobile Makeup & Hair) so she could have the flexibility to stay at home and raise her children. Pretty In Pink was one of the first of its kind at this time, saving brides time and money on their wedding day. With Melissa`s creative marketing strategy she quickly became the top company in all of Halton, and has maintained that position in the industry for the past 10 years. Ryan and Melissa always talked about buying a house, but were uncertain as to how to make that happen. In 2008 it all started.  Newlyweds with a new little one in tow they purchased their first home on the Hamilton Mountain. It was not ideal, it did need work, but it was all they could afford at the time. They didn`t have much experience renovating, and no contractor help was in the budget, so they learned as they went along through trial and error and discovered they could do a pretty good job at it. Two years later the house was complete, what a difference they made to this tiny bungalow. They sold the house through a local agent for top dollar for that area, and thought to themselves….Hey we`re on to something here!    


Ryan and Melissa wanted to move closer to family in Burlington and they always loved Waterdown. They purchased their second home on Braeheid Avenue in the Waterdown core, just in time to welcome their second son. At the time they were worried they bit off a bit more than they could chew. With a toddler, a new baby, careers and a house that needed alot of work, much more work than the first. This one needed everything…bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, flooring, roof, AC, landscaping, the list goes on and on. It was larger in size and they had to tackle all this while living there, raising two little ones.  They joke, ``If we can hold down 2 full time jobs, renovate an entire house while raising an infant and a toddler and are still happily married, we can do anything! It was a great location and one of their mottos is you can change the house but not the location. So they took a deep breath moved, and went at it. Fast forward three years, after many late nights and early mornings, they did it!  They completed the house top to bottom, front to back, minus the roof as Ryan doesn`t like heights.  Neighbours often would stop and comment about the difference they made to the once run down house. No joke, a neighbour a couple blocks away stopped her vehicle in the middle of the street to come out and shake their hand and congratulate them on what a difference they made to that house, and the rest of the neighbourhood.


The kids were getting bigger, now 3 and 5. Ryan and Melissa love spending time and hosting BBQs with friends and family and thought it would be nice to have a bigger property, as they were on a smaller corner lot. Instead of sitting back and taking a break they decided it would be a great time to sell, why not?  The timing of the market was perfect and who needs to relax anyways, right? This is all they have known for the last 5 years, real estate and renovations became a hobby of theirs. They thought if they were to move again, this next house must be the perfect house. They knew they loved the Waterdown area and didn`t want to stray too far from the downtown core. After searching areas of interest and checking out designs of housing in those areas, Ryan and Melissa found their forever home. Melissa was not sure at first, but it grew on her quickly. It was a half acre piece of property just outside of Waterdown on an older cul de sac. It was rough around the edges but with their vision, drive and expertise they saw the potential. After a few offers back and forth, it was theirs. Since Melissa and Ryan always followed the real estate market, they knew there weren't many 4+1 bedroom houses in the Braeheid area, so they decided to list their home for top market value. Their pricing strategy based on their market knowledge worked to their benefit.  The house sold the following day. The closing dates did not match up, so they had to live in a furnished rental in Burlington for a month, putting their belongings in storage. Definitely not Ideal, but they made the best of it.  "People think we are crazy wanting to work together...honestly we work better as a team, as we both push each other to strive for better"  They've called this house 'home' for the last 4 years and have no intensions of moving. The renovations of course are continuously ongoing. This time though, they're having more fun as they can take their time customizing their dream home. They say it usually takes three houses to get to your forever home and in their case it's proven to be true.


After 4 years in their current house they got the real estate itch,  having no intensions of moving themselves, they thought lets buy a rental....what do we have to lose? Ryan and Melissa, still keeping their eye on the market, knew that housing prices were starting to increase at a faster rate. So they created a plan, made an offer and became owners of their first investment property. Obviously this one needed work as well. So between jobs, kids and real estate schooling, Melissa would be staining cabinets and painting while Ryan was replacing kitchen counters and back splashes. So far it is going awesome and in the near future plan on purchasing another. In the mean time we would love to help other families make their real estate dreams come true.

``If we can hold down 2 full time jobs, renovate an entire house while raising an infant and a toddler and are still happily married, we can do anything!!  ``

"People think we are crazy wanting to work together...honestly we work better as a team, as we both push each other to strive for better"  

From the Left....Ashton, Melissa, Kayden and Ryan Zogala